Shakey Mcgee!

  • Does putting the thread inFind Home in Snail Bob 1 the needle frustrate you? Does it make you want to scream and shout frustration because seriously, why is it so hard to put the thread through the eye of a needle?!maxresdefault2
  • If you’re one those who are frustrated with this challenge and want to overcome it, try playing Shakey MacGee’s Needle Threading Challenge. This game is a test of the nerves. Prepare for your blood to boil when you don’t get it right, but also prepare to feel like you’re in cloud nine when you succeed. If you can’t wait anymore and want to play the game, click this home_shakeyshake3-1160x657link:
  • Shakey MacGee’s Needle Threading Challenge is a super fun game to play. It keeps you on the edge of your seats, that’s for sure. The challenge may sound easy but it’s definitely not. The higher the level you go, the more your hand shakes.

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