“The Idiot Test”

Do you think that you are a complete idiot? Then take part in “The Idiot Test” addicting flash game! This collection of tests is guaranteed to pull the dumb part of you out of hiding link without a fail. You’ll kick yourself when you fail to follow these simple instructions.20090329_the_idiot_test_v1.0_(iphone_misc)
The trick of this game Shakey Mcgee! is designed to make you fail. The game lets you to practice your catching power of any puzzle .There will be instruction about what you need to do. Mastering the test for yourself is pretty fun but, unless you’re an actual idiot, it won’t take long. Remember that the real goal is to prove to others that they’re way dumber than they look. So, don’t get late and take a part in this funny and interesting puzzle game!the-idiot-test-game-1-638


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