Shortly after the launch in 2015 last Skyforge received warmly received by the gaming community in the world. This is also one of today’s hottest new MMORPG.
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Skyforge impressed by grounding its stunning graphics and gameplay bring more particularly open more attractive situation. Combined with that is a lot of other special features, enough to please any discerning gamer.
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Skyforge is a roleplaying game that not only features mystical creatures in a fantasy setting, but also adds futuristic technologies to the mix. The game studios responsible for this free-to-play title are Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment.Skyforge

Explore a Unique World

The MMORPG is set on Aelion, an alien world in a distant galaxy, where technology and magic come together to create a unique blend of science-fiction and fantasy. Think of the Star Wars franchise, where mythology and sci-fi also go hand in hand. When you delve into Skyforge, you will explore vast forests, tropical beaches, rugged mountainscapes, and desolate islands that are mirrored by technological hubs, futuristic factories, and advanced cityscapes. Your characters wear technological armor and use magic and sci-fi weapons to fight against enemies.

Endless Features and Content

There is so much content and there are so many features to discuss that we don’t even know where to start. Any fans of RPGs will be thrilled to jump into this unique blend of futuristic technology and medieval magic and myth. The core plot of the online game reflects the developers’ unique take on the genre. In Skyforge, you will not just slip into the role of any human warrior. You are not just a regular character. The roleplaying game allows you to become an immortal! Your overall goal in Skyforge is to become a true god. Sounds like an epic task for an epic backdrop. You might think that this is an easy goal considering that your character will be immortal from the very beginning of the game. It turns out, however, that it takes quire a lot of work to finally reach a divine form. In an hommage to the great mythologies of ancient Rome and Greece, your hero has to perform many feats, overcome a lot of trials, and succeed in numerous adventures to establish a following of people who believe in your divinity. Only this will result in your transformation into a god!Skyforge1

Skyforge has more than 15 different classes to explore. While some of them might be familiar to fans of the MMORPG (massively multiplayer online roleplaying game) genre, others are unique to the fantasy game’s universe. You can choose between the Paladin, the Cryomancer, the Lightbinder, Beserker, and the Gunner amongst many others.

As we pointed out above, Aelion is not just a continent, but an entire planet. This means that there are truly diverse and vast locations to explore. Luckily, there are speedy means of travel in the roleplaying game. What use would a sci-fi/fantasy world be if you couldn’t even quickly get from one part of the planet to the next? If you are also a fan of quick traveling, you might want to invest in a mount. How about a flying unicorn made of metal? Sounds intriguing, if you ask us. As in every good fantasy RPG, the world of Skyforge features more than just picturesque landscapes. There are various distinct creatures and monsters who will make an appearance. The more hostile these are, the more inclined you should be to group up with other players to get rid of them. After all, harmony needs to be restored and various factions are seeking to be reunited. Will you be the one to help them out?

No matter which class you end up with, every character has access to unique talents that either debuff your enemies’ attributes, weaken their morale or heal your allies. Depending on the situation, you will have to switch out special abilities and always protect others from harm. If you find yourself battling it out against several mobs at once, try using talents that cause area-of-effect damage. That will show them not to mess with you! Other than that, you should always keep an eye on your vitality. Whenever your hit points reach a low point, drink a potion or seek shelter in one of the many cities, villages and camps that Skyforge has to offer.Skyforge3

The World of Skyforge in a Nutshell

As we pointed out above, there is just so much more that we could potentially talk about. The Ascension Atlas, the elaborate Class System, the Divine Observatory, the Orders of Aelion, the Pantheon, Divine Forms, Large-Scale Events, and Distortions are just a few of the complex features that you will find in Skyforge. That doesn’t even include the various locations of the world, such as Dankit Island, The Factory, The Lanber Forest, Naori Island, and Alakur Island, to mention a few!

All we can recommend at this point is that you go ahead and delve into the free-to-play MMORPG yourself! Download the game client on your PC and play Skyforge for free. Especially as a roleplaying or science fiction/fantasy fan, you will enjoy the vast world and the in-depth gameplay that the online game has to offer.


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