Face of Mankind

According to the announcement from the NSX Nexeon Technologies, fun online game combines the shooting genre and immersive Face of Mankind: Fall of the Dominion will open open beta on April 18.4.2014. Currently players can register an account and download at the homepage settings: Happy Wheels


Each was introduced in 2004 but the Face of Mankind has failed miserably and Nexeon Technologies launch the whole project from the beginning in 2006, in June 2013 the last game has been funding needs to complete all the final stages, and until now the game has hit the market.

Join the world of Face of Mankind , players will experience a true virtual world, where each virtual character plays a certain role with a score of XP to determine rank and PP are the penalties for violations of law. These figures are not affected at all to the intensity of the characters, in addition to factors such as the level, experience, skills … are non-existent.


More special is the character can be “real death” – is totally deleted from the system when too much death and no longer capable of creating alternative clone anymore. The degree of interaction between the player and the virtual world of Face of Mankind is a great, gamers can create tasks for other players to reach higher levels.


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