Electric Man 1

Interesting, is not it? Real. So go online and try this game right now, besides its free so why not try it out for themselves. All these products must be quickly deposited. do not let you wait too long, we continue to update the next version so that you can explore to your game enthusiasts. Let’s try again to challenge you. We have tried to bring more for you. The entertainment, action, adventure or even a simple game but tricky, need perseverance, thinking, ..

If you want to try the real action online games, participate in tournaments of voltagen. This is where a divergence of different teams battle each other to prove who is the Supreme Being the most out of all the stick man universe. The defending champions remain undefeated. It is a fighting game involves various combinations of martial arts, street fighting and incredible strength that you can use to conquer your enemy.

Click Here To Play Electric Man 1

Game controls

Q – Slow motion punch Moves
W – Slow motion kick Moves
E – Slow motion Moves Grab
A – Punch Moves
S – Kick Moves
D – Grab Moves
Left Arrow – Run Left
Down Arrow – Dodge
Right Arrow – Run Now
Special control

Run while doing a different moves to create a new combination attacks
Making attacks Slow Motion throw with flip through (press D while executing a movement run) both battery consumption points.
How to Play Electric Man 1

After going through the guide and you think you’re ready to experience a different gaming experience to go ahead and click “New”.

“New Player” screen will ask you to enter the name you want for your character (up to 8 characters), then choose any color you want (yellow, orange, white, green, blue, and Turquoise), then finally Select a skill level (Easy, Normal, and Pro). After filling all the fields, go on and press “Enter”.

A screen will welcome players to the training course where you will learn voltagen new combat moves that you can you in every battle. You can press “Spacebar” to continue or quit by pressing the “N”.



Lesson 1: Run:

By using the “Left” and the key “Right” you can run from side to side. Hit the “Spacebar”.
Lesson 2: Dodging:

Use the arrow keys “Down” to perform a dodge move, where you can flip out of any difficult situation in a battle. Hit the “Spacebar”.
Lesson 3: The attack:

By using the A (punch), S (kicks), and D (Grabs), you can perform three basic attacks.
Hit the “Spacebar” to try all the movements against an opponent holographic and try to beat them.

Lesson 4: Modifiers:

This section will teach you that the punch can change if you were surrounded. Kicks will also change when you are running or if the person behind you. Grabs certainly will change as well while running and perform an action.
Lesson 5: The Pin:

Playing this game is really fun, but mind you that some attacks will consume your battery location. If you have at least one point remaining battery you can use the combined attack. At any time your battery runs out, it automatically charging on its own, so you do not need to worry.
How to play

Lesson 6: Slow Motion Attacks:

By using the Q (punches), W (kicks), and E (Grabs) they represent attacks slow motion. Although, they consume battery point, we further strongly that normal attacks.
Hit the “Spacebar” to try all the movements against an opponent holographic and try to beat them.

Lesson 7: Slow Motion Modifiers:

Slow Motion and stone grabs both will change once done while running.
Then you can go ahead and press the “Spacebar” and you will reach the end of basic training lessons for voltagen tournament. When you click the “Spacebar” again, it will direct you to a screen that displays “Round 1”. It displays four images corresponding to four different battle. Once you have finished all four games, it will unlock the next round.

There will be a lot of other interesting games that we have for you. Take a look at the other articles on our site.

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