My Dolphin Show 2


Similar to the previous version, My Dolphin Show 2 is equipped with an in-game shop. In this store, you will find a variety of dolphins avatars available for you to purchase using the stars you’ve collected and earn from every point you make. My Dolphin Show 2 offers a much larger selection of avatars to choose from – you start the game with only 3 avatars to choose from, but there are over 20 different representatives that you can unlock and buy! Some avatars can be quite expensive, however, so you might want to consider saving up valuable stars for a representative number of really great!


About the Game

My Dolphin Show 2 is similar to the previous version of it – you play as a cute little dolphin is trained to perform many stunts in front of small and large audiences. The game has two modes – Standard Show and Showtime. Standard mode is so much time as a manual mode, where you can play around and learn the basic controls and concepts of the game. This mode is more laid back, which means you do not try to cram as many stunts in a short period of time while racing against the clock! However, unlike in many other games, this mode allows you to start collecting points score can help you later in the game.

Click to Play My Dolphin Show 2

The Showtime mode is considerably more difficult, however. In this mode, you’re racing against the clock to show your skills in front of a much larger audience. While this mode is more difficult … it is also more rewarding!

The main menu

The main menu of the My Dolphin Show 2 includes additional features not previously available in earlier versions of this game. Features such as toggle sound effects on or off the music and sound and convert graphic quality of the game is extremely useful tool for many players. In addition to these settings, players can choose from over 20 different languages. This makes the game much easier for children and adults all over the world to enjoy the magic and excitement that the game has to offer!


Perform stunts and collect gold Stars

The object of the game is to perform a series of tricks and stunts to keep the audience entertained. Doing this will allow you to collect a large number of stars that you can spend in the shop game. There are many different stunts and tricks of the dolphins Your instructor will ask you to perform.

  • backflips
  • Collect stars underwater
  • fishing
  • Nose-tap beachballs hovering in the air
  • Booting a trapeze artist from the water into the air so he can catch the bar on the water
  • Jumping out of the water and land on a target area on the water
    Jumping through hoops
  • And much, much more!

Your favorite dolphin is back and has learned many new tricks! Jump, dive, swim, and broke into your way to fame and fortune in My Dolphin Show 2.

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