Papa Louie 2

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Game overview, objective and Features

Papa Louie 2 is a platform game based on the filled with action and adventure with the tough period that is very interesting or entertaining and at all levels is difficult and becomes more difficult as you progress through the different stages. The game offers a variety of unique features that are not present in the first part, but most of the same features and provides a sense of familiarity.


This time you can choose to play with Marty and Rita, a worker in the shop, as they start their day, and they start by serving customers with free burgers because it is a free day at the store hamburger Papa Louie but then suddenly a mysterious man came in the store and plant something, which creates a big storm and began to absorb all customers, while food and positively altered again.

Now is the time for you to help Marty or Rita to bring customers and bring an end to this chaos by jumping inside the vortex and battle the ferocious foods in the strange world.

Papa Louie new level

The mission of the game is moving in a strange world full of life and aggressivefoods that you must fight and bring Papa and customers peace.This kidnapped to put the sequel of the game does not require you to bring pizza to the real world. As you can rescue their clients can be used in the game against the foods and help rescue others with their unique powers of each of them. Once you have rescued a client you can choose any level of customer and will be available to play with.


The basic character Marty or Rita have classic spoon to begin with, and when you unlock your customers, you will get a chance to play with different special power that allows you to reach areas new, took the keys and rescue many customers as well, for example – flare guns, blueberries, etc. are available to fight with. Papa Louie 2 has additional features hit the enemy with your feet. So if you’re jumping down, making sure to land on your enemy to stun it. Like the previous game also gives you the ability to choose between many different levels to unlock hidden items or coins that might have been spent.

Papa Louie Games

There are many food violent monster mutation by a mysterious person, and the monsters are roaming around everywhere, so be sure to tell apart from the differences and fight back right, some of the monsters included –

Mutant Burgers – Delicious burgers are jumping and moving around all over the place, the burgers can be very dangerous and they do not give up easily as they have different classes before they can finally be put to rest. So, be sure to hit them with your weapon multiple times or else you will lose your life.


The mutant vegetables – There are plenty of vegetables that are roaming around in strange world, where people are trapped in these vegetables and unfriendly, avoid the vegetables and / or hit them with your weapon to destroy them before they destroy you.

Papa Louie and his clients are in trouble again as Papa Louie’s enemies keep trying to ruin his business, but Papa Louie will not stop he would make every effort to satisfy customers mine. In this sequel of Papa Louie, the game consists of various different types of unique new features specifically gives the game a different style.

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