The Blockheads


The- Blockheads-1

Starting with almost nothing and discover, craft, construction, and trade your way to steam trains, electric elevators, and even jet packs, Titan sword and armor carbon fiber.

-Explore the myriad of worlds with oceans, caves, deserts, mountains, forests and the floating islands in the sky
-Build works great with the material that you find
-Trade with other players in a global economy that never change
-Other blockheads battle in world PVP
-The railway and the creation of fast rail jumping for hand or creating a rail network to be easily transported by train
-Create a series of solar panels to the oil refinery’s energy, and carbon fiber crafts and fuel for your jetpack to explore the sky
-The content is always being added, The Blockheads is constantly evolving, and there are many more to come

The- Blockheads-2
Night fell and the blockhead of you freeze. You have not made the shelter and camp fire has come.All you need is a spade, some wood and a few sticks. You have only a few minutes before using the most hits. You create a bed, dug a cave or fuel for your fire? What would you do?

The Blockheads are very large exploration, creativity and survival game, where the possibilities are endless!

Play offline in single player, easily create and join the world of online to play with friends and family, or explore thousands of unique worlds created and hosted by other players.

On the iPhone or iPad, 2-D, side-scrolling block-based sandbox is a winning formula, and The Blockheads are made good, true to the Minecraft game I’ve had the pleasure to experience on the iOS. ” -TouchArcade (5 stars)

“The Blockheads Minecraft takes experience and shrink it down in a way that only work on a touch screen. There are nuances of the Lemmings here too, and they blend together to make a sweet game about exploring, discovering and creation. “-Pocket Gamer (gold)
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=>>Papa Louie 2
Blockhead first curved through the portal and get exploring now in The Blockheads!

Papa Louie 2

Papa Louie 2

Click to play Papa Louie 2
Game overview, objective and Features

Papa Louie 2 is a platform game based on the filled with action and adventure with the tough period that is very interesting or entertaining and at all levels is difficult and becomes more difficult as you progress through the different stages. The game offers a variety of unique features that are not present in the first part, but most of the same features and provides a sense of familiarity.


This time you can choose to play with Marty and Rita, a worker in the shop, as they start their day, and they start by serving customers with free burgers because it is a free day at the store hamburger Papa Louie but then suddenly a mysterious man came in the store and plant something, which creates a big storm and began to absorb all customers, while food and positively altered again.

Now is the time for you to help Marty or Rita to bring customers and bring an end to this chaos by jumping inside the vortex and battle the ferocious foods in the strange world.

Papa Louie new level

The mission of the game is moving in a strange world full of life and aggressivefoods that you must fight and bring Papa and customers peace.This kidnapped to put the sequel of the game does not require you to bring pizza to the real world. As you can rescue their clients can be used in the game against the foods and help rescue others with their unique powers of each of them. Once you have rescued a client you can choose any level of customer and will be available to play with.


The basic character Marty or Rita have classic spoon to begin with, and when you unlock your customers, you will get a chance to play with different special power that allows you to reach areas new, took the keys and rescue many customers as well, for example – flare guns, blueberries, etc. are available to fight with. Papa Louie 2 has additional features hit the enemy with your feet. So if you’re jumping down, making sure to land on your enemy to stun it. Like the previous game also gives you the ability to choose between many different levels to unlock hidden items or coins that might have been spent.

Papa Louie Games

There are many food violent monster mutation by a mysterious person, and the monsters are roaming around everywhere, so be sure to tell apart from the differences and fight back right, some of the monsters included –

Mutant Burgers – Delicious burgers are jumping and moving around all over the place, the burgers can be very dangerous and they do not give up easily as they have different classes before they can finally be put to rest. So, be sure to hit them with your weapon multiple times or else you will lose your life.


The mutant vegetables – There are plenty of vegetables that are roaming around in strange world, where people are trapped in these vegetables and unfriendly, avoid the vegetables and / or hit them with your weapon to destroy them before they destroy you.

Papa Louie and his clients are in trouble again as Papa Louie’s enemies keep trying to ruin his business, but Papa Louie will not stop he would make every effort to satisfy customers mine. In this sequel of Papa Louie, the game consists of various different types of unique new features specifically gives the game a different style.

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My Dolphin Show 2

My Dolphin Show 2


Similar to the previous version, My Dolphin Show 2 is equipped with an in-game shop. In this store, you will find a variety of dolphins avatars available for you to purchase using the stars you’ve collected and earn from every point you make. My Dolphin Show 2 offers a much larger selection of avatars to choose from – you start the game with only 3 avatars to choose from, but there are over 20 different representatives that you can unlock and buy! Some avatars can be quite expensive, however, so you might want to consider saving up valuable stars for a representative number of really great!


About the Game

My Dolphin Show 2 is similar to the previous version of it – you play as a cute little dolphin is trained to perform many stunts in front of small and large audiences. The game has two modes – Standard Show and Showtime. Standard mode is so much time as a manual mode, where you can play around and learn the basic controls and concepts of the game. This mode is more laid back, which means you do not try to cram as many stunts in a short period of time while racing against the clock! However, unlike in many other games, this mode allows you to start collecting points score can help you later in the game.

Click to Play My Dolphin Show 2

The Showtime mode is considerably more difficult, however. In this mode, you’re racing against the clock to show your skills in front of a much larger audience. While this mode is more difficult … it is also more rewarding!

The main menu

The main menu of the My Dolphin Show 2 includes additional features not previously available in earlier versions of this game. Features such as toggle sound effects on or off the music and sound and convert graphic quality of the game is extremely useful tool for many players. In addition to these settings, players can choose from over 20 different languages. This makes the game much easier for children and adults all over the world to enjoy the magic and excitement that the game has to offer!


Perform stunts and collect gold Stars

The object of the game is to perform a series of tricks and stunts to keep the audience entertained. Doing this will allow you to collect a large number of stars that you can spend in the shop game. There are many different stunts and tricks of the dolphins Your instructor will ask you to perform.

  • backflips
  • Collect stars underwater
  • fishing
  • Nose-tap beachballs hovering in the air
  • Booting a trapeze artist from the water into the air so he can catch the bar on the water
  • Jumping out of the water and land on a target area on the water
    Jumping through hoops
  • And much, much more!

Your favorite dolphin is back and has learned many new tricks! Jump, dive, swim, and broke into your way to fame and fortune in My Dolphin Show 2.

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Discover new maps in the game will not be easy! So, use the following tips that should and make your game simple:

Be careful when driving, as the zombies will slow your vehicle.
Keeping a track of the fuel, as it is more time you will have to start with the same level from the beginning.
Do not spend a lot on your car if you are planning to buy a new one. When a similar upgrade will not be transferred to your new car.
These tips will surely help you kill countless zombies quickly. So get ready for some fun time.

>> Play Earn To Die 3 <<

There are several drivers in the game and you can play it comfortably. Use the up arrow key to accelerate. The inclination of the vehicle can be controlled using the arrow keys left and right. Keys ‘X’ or ‘J’ can be used to activate the jet reinforce your vehicle.

The game started with $ 25 cash and a car boot. With the amount of currency in the game that you have, you can buy some upgrades for your vehicle. The most important upgrade you should do in the beginning of the game is to get a larger fuel tanks so that you can drive for a long time. The more you drive, the more you will be able to kill the zombies, and then it will lead to more cash!

start your car can be enhanced with upgrades listed below. The upgrade is only for your primary vehicle:

Engine: 4.0L V6 engines were installed in your car. You can unlock the 4.5L V8 and 5.5L Engine for $ 35 to $ 110 V8 Turbo Engine.
Transmission: 4-speed gearbox are present in your car and you need to unlock more powerful gear by spending cash. 5-speed gearbox can be purchased for $ 40 and the 6 speed gearbox can be purchased for $ 125.
Wheels: Your current car HT R18 Wheels. Two other wheel can be unlocked is R20 and R22 AT MT Wheels Wheels. It can be purchased for $ 20 and $ 75 respectively.
Zombie Kit: Open multiple Blades for killing zombies immediately for $ 100.
Gun: The Machine Gun light can be purchased for $ 80.
Increase: Buy Twin Propeller for $ 60.
Fuel: You can add some fuel in the first part of the game to your car running longer. The fuel can be purchased for $ 3, $ 5, $ 10, and so on.
>> Play Earn To Die 3 <<


Similarly, for two other vehicles with various upgrades available in the game. The second car can be purchased for $ 500, while a third can be purchased for $ 2500. As you continue to progress in the game, you’ll be able to buy these vehicles and upgrades they also would be unlocked. So every new car has been upgraded from the beginning.

Earn To Die 3 is an interesting sequel to the series Earn To Die. The game offers a number of upgrades and accessories for your vehicle so you keep driving and reach new phase quickly.

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Electric Man 1

Electric Man 1

Interesting, is not it? Real. So go online and try this game right now, besides its free so why not try it out for themselves. All these products must be quickly deposited. do not let you wait too long, we continue to update the next version so that you can explore to your game enthusiasts. Let’s try again to challenge you. We have tried to bring more for you. The entertainment, action, adventure or even a simple game but tricky, need perseverance, thinking, ..

If you want to try the real action online games, participate in tournaments of voltagen. This is where a divergence of different teams battle each other to prove who is the Supreme Being the most out of all the stick man universe. The defending champions remain undefeated. It is a fighting game involves various combinations of martial arts, street fighting and incredible strength that you can use to conquer your enemy.

Click Here To Play Electric Man 1

Game controls

Q – Slow motion punch Moves
W – Slow motion kick Moves
E – Slow motion Moves Grab
A – Punch Moves
S – Kick Moves
D – Grab Moves
Left Arrow – Run Left
Down Arrow – Dodge
Right Arrow – Run Now
Special control

Run while doing a different moves to create a new combination attacks
Making attacks Slow Motion throw with flip through (press D while executing a movement run) both battery consumption points.
How to Play Electric Man 1

After going through the guide and you think you’re ready to experience a different gaming experience to go ahead and click “New”.

“New Player” screen will ask you to enter the name you want for your character (up to 8 characters), then choose any color you want (yellow, orange, white, green, blue, and Turquoise), then finally Select a skill level (Easy, Normal, and Pro). After filling all the fields, go on and press “Enter”.

A screen will welcome players to the training course where you will learn voltagen new combat moves that you can you in every battle. You can press “Spacebar” to continue or quit by pressing the “N”.



Lesson 1: Run:

By using the “Left” and the key “Right” you can run from side to side. Hit the “Spacebar”.
Lesson 2: Dodging:

Use the arrow keys “Down” to perform a dodge move, where you can flip out of any difficult situation in a battle. Hit the “Spacebar”.
Lesson 3: The attack:

By using the A (punch), S (kicks), and D (Grabs), you can perform three basic attacks.
Hit the “Spacebar” to try all the movements against an opponent holographic and try to beat them.

Lesson 4: Modifiers:

This section will teach you that the punch can change if you were surrounded. Kicks will also change when you are running or if the person behind you. Grabs certainly will change as well while running and perform an action.
Lesson 5: The Pin:

Playing this game is really fun, but mind you that some attacks will consume your battery location. If you have at least one point remaining battery you can use the combined attack. At any time your battery runs out, it automatically charging on its own, so you do not need to worry.
How to play

Lesson 6: Slow Motion Attacks:

By using the Q (punches), W (kicks), and E (Grabs) they represent attacks slow motion. Although, they consume battery point, we further strongly that normal attacks.
Hit the “Spacebar” to try all the movements against an opponent holographic and try to beat them.

Lesson 7: Slow Motion Modifiers:

Slow Motion and stone grabs both will change once done while running.
Then you can go ahead and press the “Spacebar” and you will reach the end of basic training lessons for voltagen tournament. When you click the “Spacebar” again, it will direct you to a screen that displays “Round 1”. It displays four images corresponding to four different battle. Once you have finished all four games, it will unlock the next round.

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Shopping Cart Hero 1

Shopping Cart Hero 1

Coming to you will control characters stroller genuine fun right? Overcoming the obstacles along the way, there will be many events taking place very interesting to be able to place purchase. Very short ramp but with the game you will feel a lot of new things. Let’s play.


In each round, you will see two orange posts – one near the bottom of the first hill, and one at the top of the second hill right before the major drop-off (where you will need to jump). The first orange post is to indicate when to “Get In”. The second orange post is to indicate when to jump. There are a few tips you should know regarding these orange posts in order to score the most points and earn the most cash.

Tap the UP arrow at the first orange bar – this determines your height and distance. Try to aim for a full red bar (located at the bottom of your screen).
Release the RIGHT arrow key at the second orange bar – provided you are not planning to try for a forward flip.
Additionally, there are other tips you need to know that do not pertain to the orange bars. They are:

Do not refresh your browser – this will reset your game and you will lose all of the upgrades you have already purchased.
Purchase groupies as soon as possible. Groupies increase your score and money multiplier. Try not to kill them, though, as you will need to repurchase those upgrades if they die.
Performing Handstand tricks give you 200 points. Flips, on the other hand, will give you 300 points.
If performing a Handstand, do not hold it. Holding a handstand will actually give you less Trick points than it would if you perform multiple Handstands. So go for quantity.
A successful Flip with another special move/trick (Superman or Handstand) will double the points you earn from performing Handstands and Superman tricks. Try to do both to get a better score!


The object of the game is to make your stick figure push his cart as fast as it can go down a hill, jump in, and go flying through the air – hoping and praying you won’t crash and die. Do you think you can do it?

Click Here to play Shopping Cart 1

The controls are very basic.

Right arrow key – Run
Up arrow key – Jump & Get into the cart
Right and Left arrow key – Balance cart once it is airborne

Your score is calculated based on a number of things.

Tricks performed
These points are added together to come up with your total score. Your score determines how much money you will receive at the end of each round.



Once you have received your money at the end of the round, you can use it to purchase upgrades. There are several upgrades available.

Wheels (3 different types available)
Rockets (3 different types available)
“Friends” or Groupies in cart ( 3 upgrades available)
You start out with your default wheels, rockets, and no friends. Once you have enough money, you can upgrade each of these – and continue to do so until you have no more upgrades available.

Performing tricks will also help improve your score. Some you will need to purchase in the Upgrade screen. The tricks include:

Forward Flip (free)
Backward Flip (free)
Superman (Purchase upgrade)
Handstand (Purchase upgrade)

Shopping Cart Hero 1 has been hacked to provide players with an easier playing experience. The hack they have performed gives you $5 Million at the start of your game. This allows you to purchase all of the upgrades right after your first round. While you won’t need the full $5 Million to purchase all of the upgrades, however you will need it later. Why? Well, because if you crash while you have a full cart of groupies, you will kill your groupies and need to upgrade again to have more in your cart.


We have all done it. While we are pushing our shopping carts to our cars (or pushing them for our parents), we push them as fast as we can, then hop on – sending us sailing through the parking lot, and hoping we can stop it in time before we crash it into a car. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

Shopping Cart Hero has taken this long-loved childhood thrill into the gaming world – and supped it up to meet our wildest imaginations. Check it out.

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Face of Mankind

Face of Mankind

According to the announcement from the NSX Nexeon Technologies, fun online game combines the shooting genre and immersive Face of Mankind: Fall of the Dominion will open open beta on April 18.4.2014. Currently players can register an account and download at the homepage settings: Happy Wheels


Each was introduced in 2004 but the Face of Mankind has failed miserably and Nexeon Technologies launch the whole project from the beginning in 2006, in June 2013 the last game has been funding needs to complete all the final stages, and until now the game has hit the market.

Join the world of Face of Mankind , players will experience a true virtual world, where each virtual character plays a certain role with a score of XP to determine rank and PP are the penalties for violations of law. These figures are not affected at all to the intensity of the characters, in addition to factors such as the level, experience, skills … are non-existent.


More special is the character can be “real death” – is totally deleted from the system when too much death and no longer capable of creating alternative clone anymore. The degree of interaction between the player and the virtual world of Face of Mankind is a great, gamers can create tasks for other players to reach higher levels.